My Neighbor Totoro Chopsticks Lavender Flowers Studio Ghibli

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While millions of people around the world consider chopsticks as their utensil of choice, these powerful sticks still have a long way to go to becoming ubiquitous in the States. Chopsticks encourage mindful eating practices -- eating slowly and eating smaller pieces at a time. If this resonates with you, we offer unto you these adorable Studio Ghibli's bamboo chopsticks. These quality products have ridges at the tips which allow a new user to grasp without slip. This one is adorned in lovely pastels with a Gray and Blue Totoro and floating lavender-colored blossoms. Give the gift of mindful eating to a loved one today.

Product Size: 8.26 × 0.59 × 0.31 in

Natural Bamboo and acrylic pant

Made in Japan