Rilakkuma Blemish Protection Patch Hydrocolloid San-X Japan

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This drug-free Blemish Treatment Patch is formulated with hydrocolloid to create a protective barrier from bacteria and debris. It helps to reduce inflammation and redness while absorbing pus and oil. It blends in with skin for daytime and overnight use.

Key Ingredient/Material:

Bandages treated with hydrocolloid are extremely
absorbent. The hydrocolloid material absorbs impurities
from blemishes and turns white as it does so to show that it

How to use:

1. Cleanse and dry the skin and wash hands.
2. Remove the patch from film and apply directly over the blemish.
3. Replace the patch, if needed, when it turns white. (Indicating full absorption
and secretion) Approximate, use time 8-6 hours.
4. If desired, apply makeup over patch.

Box of 24 patches (11mm x 12Patches + 14mm x 12Patches)
For all skin types.

You will received 1 box each order.

Brand: San-X