Tombow Mono Erasers PE-03A

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Material: Eraser: PVC / sleeve: 70% waste paper pulp
[applications] for administrative and drafting
[single item size] width 20 × thickness 11 × total length 55mm / weight 17g
[package size] 112 × 168 × 26mm / weight 519g

High performance eraser off scum less

Consumption shaped force is a powerful, off residue is less high-performance eraser. Once you have masses of off scum, for may be stereo pinching, it can be handled easily even in small children. It is small, such as dirty over and the floor of the desk, is also happy point can be put away easily.

MONO brand with a reputation in the anti-Chinese force

Released in the 1960s, is the eraser of "MONO" series, which has been used for many years as a high eraser of anti-shaped force. With excellent anti-Chinese resistance and erasing comfort, it will erase the character that was written in pencil and sharp pen to clean. From the purchaser, has received a large number of voice that often disappear, as are many people that are repeat many times from a long time ago, it is a product that has been loved by many people.