Zeitaku Sweets Popsicle Keychain Mascot

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7 cm tall
Bring a little sweetness to your everyday life with these adorable keychain mascots from the Zeitaku Sweets series~ There are a wide variety of flavors to choose from, each of which features a beautifully ornamented popsicles! As delicious as it looks, these arenÌ_ÌÇÌ____Ì_ÌÇåÎÌàÌ_ÌÇåÎåÇ_Ì_ÌÇÌ___Ì_ÌÇÌ__Ì_åÇåÎå©t edible, so be careful! Whichever you choose, it has a handy little ball chain thatÌ_ÌÇÌ____Ì_ÌÇåÎÌàÌ_ÌÇåÎåÇ_Ì_ÌÇÌ___Ì_ÌÇÌ__Ì_åÇåÎå©ll allow you to attach it to your bag, keys, or anything else.
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