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From the owner:

Do you also like a gift shop with a variety of products for all ages? Probably, yes! Hi, welcome to the Kawaii Boutiqueus. I am a Sanrio fan, an anime lover, a Disney Mom, and the founder of that versatile shop.
Being attached to that industry for years, I have the only thrilling motivation to keep working and growing: to put a smile on people’s faces. And, there is nothing more special than the cute, little gifts for your loved ones. In order to give life to my dream of spreading happiness, my brick-and-mortar shop in North California was nicely doing its work. But, the recent damaging pandemic, Covid-19, almost shut the doors of my work.
That was the time when I decided not to be intimated by the difficulty and find any other way. In that way, the creation of Kawaii Boutiqueus, my online shop, came into existence. Fortunately, more than 10 years of experience in e-commerce business helped me make a progressive space for Kawaii Boutiqueus in a very short time.

Kawaii Boutiqueus then partnered with Disney and Kawaii merchandise to spread love through pop culture, anime, and gaming-related sweet products. With time through our spectacular achievements due to quality and stylish products along with flawless customer experiences all around the globe, Kawaii Boutiqueus kept on expanding. And, now, it is the ultimate destination for top-notch brands like Loungefly, Funko, Sanrio, San-X, Pusheen, Studio Ghibli, Pokemon, Disney, Marvel, etc.

About Us:

At Kawaii Boutiqueus, you can find everything you need from stationery to fashion accessories, clothing to home decors, small toys to collectible figurines, and anything in between. The quality of our products imported from Japan stands out. Exceptional service, teamwork, customer satisfaction, spread love, glamour, and comfort on a budget are the main values of KawaiiBoutiqueus.
We envision a bright future of Kawaii Boutiqueus as a world-class store led by the mission of spreading happiness and comfort. Want to become a part of our mission? Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok. And don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter.


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Kawaii Boutiqueus is a proud eBay seller since 2006. We earned 100% positive feedback from 14923 happy customers. More than 49K items sold through the years.


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